Family recipes that pass on through generations are a prized possession!  We take those handwritten recipes and create a one of a kind laser engraved cutting board.  Let us help you create a perfect gift that is not only functional, but can be passed on through generations.


We offer Acacia Wood Cutting Boards (BPA free) in 3 different sizes.  All boards are .5" thickness and are very smooth.  A common way to use the board is to use the back of the board as an actual cutting board, but display with the recipe visible.  


8"x6" $25

11"x8"  $35

13"x9.5" $45


A photograph of the recipe can be emailed to or sent in the Chat feature on this website.  Please feel free to add design ideas.  A mock-up of the recipe will be sent prior to engraving on the board.  

Personalized Recipe Cutting Board